Commissioner’s Corner: The Basics of Running a Fantasy Football League

Commissioner: noun. An official selected by an athletic association or league to exercise administrative or regulatory powers over it.

In fantasy football leagues there are a lot of factors for a commissioner to manage. There are of course the normal things that every commish deals with such as setting up the league, pushing trades through or vetoing them, communicating with league members to determine the details of your draft including where and when it will occur, and just being fair and keeping things fun over the life of your dynasty league. It’s not terribly difficult to perform these essential functions if you have the time to devote to it, but there will most certainly be challenges and controversy at some point that you’ll have to deal with as well. Whether you’ve been a commish for 10 years or are about to start your first league with friends, now is the time to prepare for the season ahead.

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A Dynasty Loser’s Guide to Success: Punting Year One

From my understanding, many fantasy owners make the transition from redraft leagues to dynasty as they strive to take their love of the game and competition to the next level. Dynasty allows owners to build the team that they want, and rewards owners that make smart decisions to set themselves up for the long haul. This immediately brings to mind the idea that the dream of dynasty owners is to make the game as much about skill as possible, while removing the feeling of randomness that is so prevalent in redraft leagues. I believe that punting year one is an incredible way to give owners the security and power that they desire, and while it requires more effort, the eventual payoff becomes that much greater. Continue reading A Dynasty Loser’s Guide to Success: Punting Year One

Predicting the Market: Sophomore Wideouts

Last year’s rookie wide receiver class was historically great by all accounts. Players like Jordan Matthews, Mike Evans and the great Odell Beckham, Jr. burst onto the fantasy and national scene like no other class before them. So what can we expect for an encore? As they enter their second year in the league, we are left to speculate whether they will take a step towards stardom or run into the dreaded sophomore slump. I’m going to take an in-depth look at 2 players from the 2014 rookie wide receiver class who I think will trend in opposite directions from what their rookie seasons may have suggested.

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10 Outfielders Under 25

No, this won’t be your typical rankings article. In fact, this article won’t introduce any rankings. We won’t discuss Mike Trout or Bryce Harper. We won’t even mention them again. There are other youngsters showing promise throughout the big leagues, and this article will check into ten intriguing names to consider. No, they aren’t the best of the best. Some are hurt, some are losing playing time, and a few of them strike out too much. That’s not the point. I want to get my hands dirty, sift through the murky small sample sizes and peer through the mists of potential. So, we will examine 10 outfielders under the age of 25, separating them into little subgroups and discussing what we can expect from them going forward. We will conclude by pointing out a few of the finer skills among the group, but that’s just an added little bonus. Anyway, let’s get started. Here are my randomly compiled 10 under 25 for 2015: Continue reading 10 Outfielders Under 25

September Call-Ups Who Can Help

The value train doesn’t have as many passengers on it as it once did. That being said, some value will definitely present itself next week. As teams expand their MLB rosters in September, there will be some call-ups that can help make a difference for you and help you win a championship. This article will explore four of those names. So why should you consider adding Michael Fulmer, Hector Olivera, Robert Stephenson and Jesse Winker? Let’s find out.

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Sophomore Fantasy Football Risers/Fallers

The second season can say a lot about a NFL player and with quite a few impressive sophomores heading into the upcoming season, there will be a lot to be said about the 2014 Class. A couple have already become house-hold fantasy names (Odell Beckham Jr. and Jeremy Hill) and I’m sure next year there will be a couple more add to the list.

Regardless, you hope that each player uses their rookie experience to take their game to the next level but we know that this is not always the case for one reason or another. Some will suffer sophomore slumps but will rebound the next season while others may find their names next to the word “bust” in the near future. By seasons end, it will be obvious who the sophomore winners and losers will be but I’m here to help you foresee that future of which sophomore players will take that next step and which ones are due for a long season ahead. Continue reading Sophomore Fantasy Football Risers/Fallers

Instant Reaction: Fantasy Impact of the Injury to Jordy Nelson

151, such an important number for fantasy owners who still needs to draft this year. No I’m not referring to Bacardi 151, or even the number of original Pokémon, I’m referring to the number of targets that Jordy Nelson received in 2014 that are now up for grab. That’s right Nelson was targeted 151 times in the receiving game, and now those targets need to go somewhere in Green Bay. With confirmed reports by the Packers themselves, we now know that Nelson is done for the year after tearing his ACL, and now every fantasy football player is asking “Who’s the new number 2 in Green Bay?”

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Third Year Breakout Candidates

Let’s travel back one year…..It is August 25th, 2014 and you just drafted a team that is going to take you to the promised land. You are playing in a 10 team ppr league with your coworkers and the boss you can’t stand. You have Brandon Marshall, Doug Martin, AND Adrian Peterson and you think your team is perfect. You read about 3rd year receivers Michael Floyd and Rueben Randle who are both primed for a 3rd year breakout and you asked yourself, that whole 3rd year thing, is that real? Is it just a myth? Should I really be focusing on it? Maybe not always but I want to show you two players that I believe are third year breakout candidates, so that this year you can beat your boss. Continue reading Third Year Breakout Candidates

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