Pitchers Who Made the Jump

It is a beautiful sight to behold when a player develops into an elite talent right before your eyes. More often, players either flare out due to an exploitable flaw or never quite live up to their lofty expectations. When a clearly skilled individual begins to harness their potential and live up to the hype, it usually results in an All-Star caliber performer. This article will explore three pitchers who have made the jump to stardom in 2015, including a short background about each guy, a quick overview of their 2015 performance and a small analysis of the factors that have driven their excellence this season. So why should you consider Sonny Gray, Gerrit Cole and Chris Archer elite SP options going forward? Let’s dive in.

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Is This the End for Ian Desmond?

The title may be a bit dramatic, but what lies behind it is of great concern to a lot of owners out there (I also couldn’t help slightly referencing the bizarre yet hilarious film made in 2013…anyway back on topic). It happens all the time. An All-Star outfielder can’t figure out a kink in his swing or a Cy Young award winner loses a couple ticks on his velocity and they’re no longer considered to be the players they once were. It’s almost never a sign that a player’s career is coming to an end because they had a bad season after producing on a completely different level, but it can be worrisome enough to question whether or not he will produce at that same level he had been before. So let’s take a look at a struggling shortstop who won a Silver Slugger award in each of the previous three seasons…Ian Desmond. Continue reading Is This the End for Ian Desmond?

Off-Brand All-Stars

Trying to figure out how to present the following content was a bit tough because one would expect to receive jeers by comparing player x to Mike Trout or player z to Clayton Kershaw. The aforementioned comparisons should be interpreted for what they are—players who offer diminished, but similar, stats to some of the elite players in the game. Sometimes when you are perusing grocery store aisles, you select the off-brand product. If we’re being honest with ourselves, they are often just as good as the real thing. Without further ado, your 2015 off-brand all-stars. Continue reading Off-Brand All-Stars

Fantasy Football 101: Dynasty Leagues

Most NFL fans have heard of the great dynasties of the past; Lombardi’s Packers of the 60’s, the Steel Curtain of the 1970’s, Bill Walsh’s 1980’s 49ers, the Cowboys of Aikman, Irvin and Emmitt and Brady and Belichick’s 2000’s Patriots (yes, they are still a dynasty even with the Spy and Deflate-gate cases). What do they all have in common? Sustained excellence for multiple and in some cases many, many years. How does this relate to fantasy football you ask? In fantasy football, when you start up a dynasty league, the goal is to build not only a champion for the upcoming season, but build a team that will turn into the next version of the Steel Curtain or Brady/Belichick Patriots (minus the Spy and Deflate-Gate stuff).

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Review: Out of the Park Baseball 16

I have no problem admitting something to all of our readers: I’m addicted to a computer game. Now, I know there are many of you out there who can say the same, but this is different. This is Out of the Park Baseball 16. It’s also the most recent incarnation of the baseball simulation and management game first released in 1999 by Out of the Park Developments. And to be frank, as a huge baseball nut, it’s one of the most addicting computer games I’ve ever played. If baseball isn’t your thing, though, don’t fret because they’ve already released a hockey equivalent and are working on a football version next. In addition, there’s a mobile version of the baseball game, so there are multiple ways to get your fix.

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Five Bold ROS Predictions

How can someone be bold three months into the season? What can someone possibly say that could be considered “out there?” We already have so much data and so many numbers to view. There’s nothing that anyone can say to surprise us. We’ve seen and heard it all by now. My counterparts here at The Fantasy Report would be the first ones to tell you that I can be as bold as they come. So, even though you’ve likely read or heard it all, here are my five bold predictions for the rest of the season: Continue reading Five Bold ROS Predictions

What If You Could Re-Draft Today? (Part 2)

Last week, my brother Patrick and I began a post-Week 10 re-draft to discover what our going forward rankings might look like. After covering five rounds last week, we decided to pump out another five rounds at the kitchen table for Father’s Day. Dad would be so proud. No, but really. My dad is a sports nerd, too. If you’re reading this, Padre, Happy Father’s Day. I love you. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there reading this, too. I don’t love you, but I’m sure you’re cool. I mean, you have to have a certain level of coolness to check out my articles. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not still hip. Anyway, let’s get to the draft. Here’s how the 6th round went: Continue reading What If You Could Re-Draft Today? (Part 2)

Top 5 Fantasy Duds of 2015

Top 5 Fantasy Duds of 2015

We are somewhere between sixty and seventy games into the season and everyone is starting to get a feel for what the rest of the season has to bring. The sad part of this is coming to terms with whether you drafted well or not. Everyone hits and misses but sometimes it is worse than others. Just like in baseball when a player goes through an off year or a slump, you can have an off draft year with some unlucky picks. With that said here are the top 5 fantasy duds this far in 2015. Continue reading Top 5 Fantasy Duds of 2015

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