Running Back Safety, an ADP analysis

If you are a fantasy football junkie like I am, you have probably heard the analysis that in your 2016 fantasy football drafts you should likely take a wide receiver in the first round of this summer’s drafts. Most of this analysis no doubt comes from the fact that if you took a running back with your first round pick in 2015, you were sadly disappointed. Names like Eddie Lacy, Le’Veon Bell, Jamaal Charles and Marshawn Lynch filled up many teams IR spots and benches throughout last season, leaving owners wondering “why did I draft this guy in the first round?”

So is it really true? Are running backs really just not safe first round picks anymore? Should you target another position in the first round of your 2016 fantasy draft? I’ve taken a look at ADP’s over the last 4 seasons and the returns on picking a top 15 running back to answer those very questions. Continue reading Running Back Safety, an ADP analysis

Gung Ho on Jung-ho

Low-hanging title aside, ‘Gangnam Style’ isn’t the only totally awesome thing to come out of Korea in the past few years.

Insert seamless transition to title character.

Jung-ho Kang was having one hell of a season last year until a flying dive-kick to the knee (mild exaggeration) ended his season with all sorts of torn ligaments & damage to the sluggers’ knee.

One hell of a season? .287/.355/.461 from a rookie SS? Yes, please.

Destroyed knee? No, please.

Well, Kang’s back. And he came back with a Terminator-esque vengeance. Continue reading Gung Ho on Jung-ho

Stacking Strategies for DFS

A well-known strategy for DFS is called “stacking”. For those unfamiliar with the strategy: it basically means picking a game or a team on a given day, and making your lineup full of players from that game or team. Most daily fantasy sites allow a maximum of four players per team to be selected on any given day. Here are a couple of strategies that can possibly help you become a fantasy stud. Continue reading Stacking Strategies for DFS

Slumping Sluggers- Don’t Panic!

 There are certain things that are okay to freak out about.
Cliff-hanger endings in Game of Thrones, crumbs all over the carpet, a big hairy spider in a dimly lit corner of your room (don’t look), someone taking the last damned Drumstick (I will find you), The Detroit Tigers bullpen. Y’know. Things normal people freak out about. (Right?)
I frequent quite a few baseball communities, and one thing I see pop up during April, more than any other month are topics like these;
‘Time to start worrying about Votto?’
‘Time to call Carlos Gonzalez a bust?’
‘What’s wrong with Matt Harvey?’ (Oh wait, that was me.)
I traditionally point to two cautionary tales when I start to panic about my own guys during April- (looking at you Lorenzo Cain)
JD Martinez and Carlos Gonzalez.

Continue reading Slumping Sluggers- Don’t Panic!

Pitchers With Notable Decreases in Velocity

Let me start by making a disclaimer: some pitchers have the propensity to start the season a bit slow with their velocity, and they  tend to pick it up as the season goes on. There, now that that’s out of the way, it’s still noteworthy to discuss some pitchers that are experiencing some decreases in velocity early on. These could be aberrations due to small sample sizes, slow starts, colder weather or something alarming. Either way, more will be known as the season shapes up; but this week, I take a look at some decreases in starting pitcher velocities, and what the results have been on their early-season performances. Continue reading Pitchers With Notable Decreases in Velocity

Five Card Studs – Anteing up on Pitching Callups

It is an exciting time in the baseball world–several highly-touted hurlers are finally making their much-anticipated debuts and fantasy owners need to be planning accordingly. The prospect game is, and always will be, a gamble; so as fantasy owners the best we can do is try. Here are some thoughts to help make the hands we’re dealt feel less random.

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Not The Hero You Deserve…

The Hero You Need Right Now…

Well here we are three weeks into the season, and we’re in trouble. Fantasy baseball 2016 has already dealt us a hard hand to play. Catastrophic injuries and ice-cold starts from some of the highest ADP players have really hampered our efforts to push forward in the league rankings. Our drafts went wrong, teams are terrible, we’re last place in every category, eight months behind on the mortgage, someone slashed our tires, the kids won’t stop fighting, and a notice just came that we’re all being audited by the IRS. Okay, let’s take a second and prioritize how we’re going to approach the situation. First and foremost, breathe… remember the self-help tapes that your uncle gave you back in junior high: You are a strong, confident woman and you’re going to pull through this. Okay… your uncle is a chauvinist jerk, and still treats you like a child – we have to move past it!

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