Apr 17

Buy-Low/Sell-High Players for the rest of 2015

After two weeks of baseball, there has been much to be seen. Homeruns have been robbed and stars have failed, but that doesn’t determine the end of their season. Every year there are a group of players who perform under expectations and a group of players who perform over expectations. The trick is to buy the while they are cheap so here are your buy-low/sell-high candidates for after week two of 2015 baseball. Continue reading

Apr 16

Fantasy Baseball Injury Update April 2015

Baseball players get hurt. Not all baseball players who get hurt remain hurt—in fact, most guys come back from quite serious injuries (the great resurrection of Buster Posey’s left leg). Fantasy owners are often scared to take a risk on a guy just because there is an ominous “DL” next to his name. I personally don’t mind if a player starts the season on the DL, especially if it is an isolated case and isn’t pitcher elbow/shoulder related. There are guys among all those stung with the injury bug that I think you should keep an eye on this season. Continue reading

Apr 15

Under-performing Players Still Worth Your Time

We are firmly in week two of the 2015 MLB season, and it is glorious having baseball back. How many moves have you made on your fantasy team? Fantasy players generally tend to want fast results from their team, and poor result in the first few weeks can cause an owner to overreact. While some stats are important – George Springer striking out at least once in every game so far isn’t a great sign – most things can be chalked up to having a small sample size. Here I’ll tell you about some players that aren’t off to great starts but that still deserve your attention. These players will all be potentially available in standard fantasy league, i.e. the George Springers and the Giancarlo Stantons will not be discussed. Let’s get to it. Continue reading

Apr 14

Minor Leaguers Who Will Make an Impact in 2015

Every year there are players who get called up from the minor leagues and help impact teams both in real life and in fantasy baseball. This week, I take a look at some players who are currently in the minors, but have a chance to make an impact on your fantasy teams at some point in 2015. Continue reading

Apr 13

DFS Baseball Tips: Scary Offenses

After releasing a quick DFS strategy guideline last week, it became clear to me that I should really elaborate on a few good offenses that I recommend you avoid when selecting your daily pitchers. While some aces are matchup proof, most hurlers can be useful only on some occasions. When the following three offenses appear on a pitcher’s schedule and this pitcher isn’t what you would consider an ace, I’d endorse passing on said pitcher. So why should the Detroit Tigers, Colorado Rockies and Baltimore Orioles strike fear into the opposing pitcher’s heart? Let’s discuss. Continue reading

Apr 10

Fantasy Baseball 2015: Players to Stash or Trash

Spring Training is well over and we are almost a week into the regular season, which means it’s about that time where owners are jumping from ship to ship trying to figure out which players to target and which to avoid. The beginning of the season can be a scramble for some, with injury updates, promotions, demotions, and even trades all changing the scope of how players are ranked and projected. The reality of it all is that more games need to be played and more at-bats need to be acquired, but until then we should keep our eye out for some guys whose stock may change. So here are some players you might want to stash and a few you might just trash for the 2015 fantasy baseball season. Continue reading

Apr 08

Very Early 2015 Baseball Observations

Baseball is a very long season, and in today’s knee-jerk reaction culture it can be difficult to avoid making premature conclusions. In 2014 I made an incomprehensible number of waiver wire moves, as I reacted to every at bat that I saw. In 2015 I am vowing to take a step back and see how my team plays out for a while. So, while I’m not reacting to any numbers from the first week of the season, I am still paying attention to lineup construction, a new approach from a hitter, and whether certain players show a proclivity to steal bases. Here are my very early observations from the 2015 season that may have fantasy relevance: Continue reading

Apr 07

The Craig Kimbrel Trade has fantasy implications

A few hours before the first pitch of the 2015 Major League Baseball season, the Atlanta Braves and San Diego Padres shocked the baseball world by announcing a blockbuster trade. The Braves shipped Craig Kimbrel and Melvin Upton, Jr. to the Padres for Carlos Quentin, Cameron Maybin, two minor-leaguers and a pick. While the trade benefits the Padres a great deal for this season, it also has big implications for fantasy baseball owners- which are outlined in this article. Continue reading

Apr 06

Fantasy Baseball 2015: DFS Strategy

I have covered plenty of topics so far this offseason, all of which can be found here. However, I have yet to uncover some of the secrets behind a format whose popularity is rapidly increasing: DFS. The DFS (daily fantasy sports) setup not only allows you to play on your own terms (rather than a season-long commitment), but it also enables you to consistently diversify your lineups. Since the season just kicked off, now is as good a time as any to analyze DFS strategy. This article will discuss three factors that should play a part in your DFS decision-making. If you’re a daily fantasy amateur, you may soon realize the importance of location, opponent, and splits. I know, I know—that’s pretty vague. Let’s get specific. Continue reading